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Thin Film Solar

By partnering with Ample Sun, one of China’s first manufacturers of Thin Film Solar PV products, we are able to provide the latest in Amorphous Silicon technology or a-Si. Thin Film PV is an excellent alternative to crystalline for our customers who want a product which is environmentally friendly and suited to low light conditions.

Established in 2008, AmpleSun Solar Tech is equipped with state‐of‐the‐art thin film solar module production lines from ULVAC, Japan in a 47,000 m2 clean‐room facility located in an exportation zone near Shanghai. Amplesun is among the earliest in achieving mass production of high efficiency thin film solar panels and the first TÜV Rheinland certified thin film solar maker in China, endeavoring to supply world market with the highest quality thin film solar panels.

AmpleSun is also a listed supplier in California and the Florida Energy Commission and have both FFC and CE certification for their products. And their products are also TUV Rheinland certified.

Thin Film Solar PV can be installed vertically and can be used as Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).


1.   Excellent low light performance
2.   Superior conversion efficiency
3.   Light-weighted hermetic sealing capable of passing standard 1000hrs damp-heat testing

ASG100 - 100W Frameless Panel

ASG100 - 100W Solar Panel

ASG100 - 100W frameless double glass configuration panels which can be made in specific colours.

Amorphous Silicon PV Panels by Ample Sun

                   Amorphous Silicon Solar PV

Glass See Through Panels

Thin Film See Through Panels

Ranging from 0.05w to 100w, glass see through panels can be customised to your size and colour requirements.

Recent Projects by AmpleSun

BIPV Singapore Solar Project

300kW BIPV project in Singapore

100kW Macau Solar Project

100 kW project in Macau