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Portable Solar - Take Your Solar with You
AmplePower Portable Solar by AmpleSun

Solar technology is now available for you to take anywhere and with the latest small scale crystalline and thin film PV modules, Nusolar is able to offer its customers a cheap and portable alternative to large scale solar PV modules.

Portable solar systems have now become much cheaper and efficient with the use of smart charge controllers and small capacity lithium ion batteries. They are capable of being charged by sunlight as well as through grid supplied electricity.

Portable solar systems have been around for many years now and the most apparent use of the technology is in calculators and watches. Remote areas have benefited from portable solar systems and are ideal for usage in isolated and remote locations because they are highly reliable and require very little maintenance.

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Traveller M0550

                 Traveller M0550 solar PV solar PV

A budget portable solar charger which has a 5500mAh lithium ion battery. Small and compact, you can use it anywhere there is some sunlight. Will work indoors as long as the M0550 is placed in the proximity of a window.

Traveller S1430 & S1460

                 Traveller S1430 & S1460

With high capacity a 4,500mAh Lithium Ion batteries and dual thin film solar modules, the S1400 series of portable solar charges are powerful enough to charge tablets using only the power of sunlight.