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Solar LED Lights

LED Lights are becoming very popular and is widely used, especially for light sources that use solar panels. They have a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours (about 17 years) and very energy efficient. It consumes 90% less power than incandescent and fluorescent lights.

LED Light System utilizes semiconductor material instead of filament or neon gas as seen in incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Because of it's low power consumption, when used they can dramatically reduce maintenance costs and lower long-term operating costs.

At NuSolar, our LED Lights are eco-friendly products. They are made from non-toxic materials, recyclable and post no danger to the environment. All our LED lights have been tried and tested in Malaysian conditions. Our range of available Solar LED lights are as follows:

Solar Moon Light

Socreat Solar Moon Light image

Socreat Solar Moon Light with adjustable solar panel

image showing Solar Moon Light with 360 adjustable angle


  • Remote control operated, changes to different modes easily.

  • Wireless application. Integrated solar panel, LED, lithium battery, micro-controller and other accessories included. Simple and stylish.

  • Micro-computer controlled-Combine motion sensor system, light control system and time control system perfectly, ensure whole system more energy-efficient.

  • Easy installation in 2 minutes. No power and cables required.

  • Solar panel adjustable angle (rotate 360°), ensures maximum efficiency of solar energy conversion.

  • Light efficiency reaches 160lm/w. Illuminates even in lower watt.

  • Uses lithium battery to replace traditional gel battery, longer lifetime.

  • Works continuously and will last for 4-5 during rainy days.

  • Easy to transport.

Motion Sensor LED T8

Socreat Motion Sensor Light image


  • High luminous efficiency of up to 95LM/W.

  • Good heat dissipation.

  • LEDs reach full brightness immediately.

  • Simple and easy to install; can be used to replace fluorescent lamps directly.

  • No fickering, no flashing light like fluorescent, good for the eyes.

Advanced Feature of the Motion & Radar Sensor in the LED T8 Tube:

  • Radar controlled technology tests ambient movement intelligently.

  • The built-in auto-sensor receives and transmits signals that will auto adjust the illumination of the light according to different states.


  • Basement parking lots

  • Public washrooms

  • Corridors and passageways

  • Warehouses

  • Bus stops